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Campus Life
Internet Facility
The   Campus   gets   connected   to   the   World   Wide   Web   through   a   High   speed   24/27, 10Mbps, leased line connection. The   connection   is   distributed   through   the   campus   network   to   an   intranet   connecting various   laboratories   and   subnets   inside   each   lab,   departments,   workshops,   library, office as well as class rooms. All   nodes   are   connected   through   structured   cabling,   using   cat6   cable.   The   wireless connectivity   in   campus   is   equipped   with   sufficient   indoor   access   points,   through which   Wi-Fi   internet   connection   is   available   inside   the   campus.   These   facilities   cater to   the   computing,   information   processing   and   multimedia   requirements   of   the   entire college.
High   quality   canteen   providing   Indian   and   Continental   food   in   a   hygienic   setting   for   both   staff   and   students   is   available   within   the   campus.   Parents   who are visit the students are also provided high quality food within the canteen at free of cost.
Sports and Games
In    our    College    we    believe    in    the    overall    development    of    the individual.    So    as    not    to    remain    confined    to    excellence    in academics   there   is   avid   participation   by   the   students   in   various sports   activities   both   at   Inter   College   and   Intra   College   levels.   We are   proud   to   say   that   many   laurels   and   accolades   have   been   won by    the    performance    of    our    teams    in    these    meets.    For    the enthusiastic   sport   lovers   of   our   college,   we   comduct   an   annual sports   week   in   our   college   which   involves   both   track   and   field events along with indoor games such as Chess and Carroms.
It   is   an   article   of   faith   at   VIIT   to   complement   the   academic   component   of the   college   and   enhance   the   overall   educational   experience   of   students through   a   wide   range   of   extra-curricular   programmes,   facilities,   services and   activities.   These   events   provide   students   and   other   members   of   the college   exposure   to   a   variety   of   social,   cultural,   intellectual,   recreational opportunities and challenges. Such   experiences   enrich   the   lives   of   students   and   help   them   fulfill   their potential.   An   exclusive   office   headed   by   a   Students'   Welfare   Officer   plans and executes these activities. Co-curricular    and    extracurricular    activities    are    planned    and    executed through   a   number   of   associations,   clubs,   societies   and   students'   chapters of   professional   bodies.   They   are   owned   and   managed   by   representatives of students and are monitored by the faculty in-charge.
Vi   Health   Centre   provides   campus   students   diagnosis   and   treatment   for   a   variety   of   illnesses   and   injuries.The   Visiting   doctor   is   available   during   the working hours. Free treatment and check up is provided. According to the requirement the students are also referred to nearest hospitals.
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai
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