Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai
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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Welcome to Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The   Department   of   Computer   Science   &   Engineering   started   in   the   year   2009,   The      course   is   approved   by   AICTE,   New   Delhi   and Affiliated   to   Anna   University,   Chennai.   The   Department   of   Computer   Science   Engineering   provides   the   students   a   sound   foundation of   theory,   concepts,   in-depth   working   knowledge   in   technology   and   hands   on   experience   in   software   and   computer   technology.   The Department      concerned,   academic   standards   and   placements   are   the   two   key   parameters.   Our   academic   standards   have   been achieved by the intellectual property of our faculty. The department always maintains the required number of faculty as per the norms stipulated   by   the   statutory   bodies.   All   faculty   posses   M.E/   M.Tech.   Degree.   The   faculty   strives   to   foster   and   encourage   a   teaching methodology that is both practical and theoretical in approach. This   orientation   has   led   to   successful   training   and   placements.   The   reason   students   select   Computer   Science   and   Engineering   is   not only   because   of   the   physical   infrastructure,   which   is   all   there;   but   because   of   the   soft   factors.   Soft   factors   like   our   approach   to academics,   our   intellectual   property,   training   and   placement.   The   quality   of   academic   instructions,   conduct   guidelines   and   college activities   are   designed   to   produce   competent   and   successful   engineers.   In   the   Department   the   focus   is   on   preparing   professional engineers. As they say an engineer is for today, while a professional engineer is for ever
About Department of CSE
SCOPE OF Computer Science and Engineering
The   scope   of   Computer   Science   Engineering   goes   increasing   vividly.   IT   sector   is   the   one   that   does   not   reach   saturation.   So   far   computerization   was   in   IT specific    offices    and    organizations.    But    now    computers    are    penetrating    in    almost    every    sector    whether    education,    health    care,    travel&    tourism, entertainment,   automobile,   banking   and   insurance,   construction,   engineering,   telecommunication   ,   so   in   short   from   a   to   z.   So   there   are   surplus   jobs   for   a computer   science   engineer   in   IT   as   well   as   in   non-IT   domains.   Being   a   computer   science   engineer   also   gives   the   benefit   of   choosing   any   domain   for   career whether Networking, Databases, Software Development, Open Source, Mobile application etc..
To    provide    the    best    opportunity    to    the    students    to    attain    technical excellence in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. To   become   a   centre   of   excellence   in   computer   education   to   create   the platform for industrial consultancy Build   a   strong   research   and   teaching   environment   that   responds   swiftly     to the challenges of future.
The   Mission   of   the   Department   is   to   help   the   Society   by   educating   engineers with   the   ability   to      administer   and   manage   real-world   problems   with   latest technologies. To   produce   quality   computer   professionals   and   to   inculcate   the   spirit   of   moral values for the cause of development of our nation. Support society by participating in and encouraging technology transfer. Provide   quality   undergraduate   and   graduate   education   in   both   the   theoretical and   applied   foundations   of   computer   science   and   train   students   to   effectively apply this education to solve real-world problem .
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai
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