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Information Resource Centre Library
Welcome   to   the   Library   which   is   one   of   the   central   support   services   of      Vi   Institute   of   Technology. The   mission   of   the   Central   Library   is   to   provide   information   services   to   the   user   and   to   access   the bibliographic   and   full   text,   digital   and   printed   resources,   to   support   the   scholarly   and   informational needs   of   the   Institute   Community.   The   Central   Library   is   well   equipped   with   modern   facilities   and resources   in   the   form   of   CD-ROMs,   On-line   databases,   books,   e-journals,   theses,   reports,   etc.   It consists   of   more   than   500   sqm   space.   The   library   homepage   will   provide   electronic   access   to various   full   text   &   bibliographical   databases   &   e-journals.   There   are   more   than   10000   volumes   of books   and   more   than   25-International   Journals   and   47-National   Journals.   I   also   invite   you   to   visit the library in order to enjoy the wealth of printed resources available on our shelves.
Stack Area
Reference Section
Consists   of   more   than   10000   volumes   of books     in     the     field     of     Engineering Science    &    Technology    and    its    allied areas.
It    consists    of    more    than    1500    volumes    of    books related   to   the   above   mentioned   field   and   also   for   the General   Competitive   Exams   like   GATE,   GRE,   GMAT, TOEFL, Civil Services, Enterence Exam etc.
Journals Section
It   Consists   of   more   than   100   periodicals   in   the   relevant fields.     25     International     Journals     and     47     National Journals   and   Magazines   are   also   available   in   the   print format.
Circulation Section
Digital Library
It consists of fully automated systems and Bar code facility is available for the users.
Reading Area
It   consists   of   e-journals   and   e-books   which   are   available.   Nearly   2000   e-journal   and   more   than   500   CD- ROMs   are   available   in   our   digital   library.   We   use   the   advanced   systems   which   consist   of   without   CPU- Cloud computingSystem in our Digital library.
It    is    well    equipped    with    more    space    for reading by the users.
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai
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