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Placement and Training cell
Placement and Training Center
Our   Placement   &   Training   division   helps   the   students   identify   their   interests,   potentialities,   values and   passions.   It   induces   the   students   to   examine   the   full   range   of   opportunities   that   might   be applicable   for   them.   This   centre   works   on   building   the   relationship   in   the   industry   to   enable   multiple level engagements such as projects, training, placements etc. Training   starts   from   the   second   year   of   the   course   to   equip   the   students   in   terms   of   aptitude, technical   and   soft   skills   development.   The   expert   guidance   of   industry   professionals   is   an   added advantage as students acquire firsthand knowledge about the industry requirements. Overall   the   process   for   developing   a   career   vision   starts   with   exploration   for   our   students   and   for our institution.
Career Development Programme
Our   Placement   and   Training   Cell   at   Vi   Institute   of   technology   is   offering   Career   Development   Program   for   the   students   who   wish   to enter the corporate world and introduce them to the prospective employers according to their aspirations and background. We   impart   the   training   program   with   the   help   of   reputed   training   Institutes.   They   enable   our   students   to   gain   a   competitive   edge   in   the recruitment process, groom their confidence and develop their personality. The training modules formulated to improve our students' skills such as Presentation Skills Interpersonal Skills Brain Strain Speed Mathematics Inference Verbal Reasoning Team Building Group Discussion Planning & Goal Setting Personal Grooming Listening Skills Logical Reasoning Deciphering the Matrix Situational Conversation Creativity Time Management Sentence Construction
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai
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